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8 months ago

Hey guys,


The latest SMP world file downloads are up, they are around 12GB so be prepared for a lengthy download. everything is in the world apart from any plugins and such. I hope you enjoy seeing what you all created and I hope you are ready for Season 3, coming soon!


Download World Files Here

about 1 year ago

Hello Guys,

Today we have added some new crates, the old crates have been fixed and cleaned up also!

This is part of our clean-up plan to bring the server up to modern day and also clean areas up to help with 1.18 generation!


Here is a summary,

You can now find the Decoration Crate and Fun Crate alongside the Head Crate.

You can use /crates to fast travel there or you can find them at spawn in their usual corner.


Decoration Crate

In here you can find various decorative items such as mugs, chairs, plants, tables. the list is quite extensive!


Fun Crate


Pixelmon is NOW PUBLIC
about 1 year ago

Hello everyone,


From today you can now join the Pixelmon server. this server is running on a modded version of Minecraft so you will need to find out how to join if you don't already know how.


You can find information on how to in our Discord Server


Once you have done all the required steps then plug the IP into your game to join.


IP - pixelmon.hecktopia.xyz


Have a nice day :)

Servers are Back! (1.18)
about 1 year ago

Hello everyone,


The Minecraft server network is back online after about a month, sorry for the delay in getting things back in order but we have to wait for all of the plugins to update to the new versions as well otherwise things start to break.


As of today you can join the server network again and play SMP, Bed Wars and more!


Have a nice day :)

Partnered Streamers Applications NOW OPEN!
about 1 year ago

Hello Everyone,

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